Bavelos Group

is your Working Capital what it should be?

Bavelos Group helps Optimize Working Capital
through the performance management of
Early Pay Programs and Supply Chain Financing.

are you
Paying Suppliers
before you need to?

every day of DPO is worth more than
$25 million in cash to a Fortune 500 company

are you missing out on
Early Payment Discounts?
LEARN MORE every billion of spend can earn more
than $3 million in Early Pay Savings annually
are you getting the
Best Returns
on your cash?
LEARN MORE over 50% of cash accelerated to suppliers
yields better than a 30% annualized rate of return
and does managing all of this feel like Guesswork?

Get Serious About Early Payment Discounts!



Working Capital Strategy
  • Dynamic discounts
  • P-Card optimization
  • Supply chain financing
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Payment Term Analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • Discount targeting
  • Pay cycle management
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Vendor Outreach Services
  • Fully managed campaigns 
  • Best practice methods 
  • Reach 1,000's of vendors
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