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Payment Term Analytics

Payment Term Analytics

Bavelos Group’s payment term analytics are the foundation for our services and a powerful way to maximize cash and savings through the precision management of days payable outstanding (DPO). Combining cutting edge predictive analytics and a powerful vendor attribute database, our analytics provide the means to scientifically assess working capital performance and improve future results.

“Micro-Targeted” Results via Trading Partner Insight

Optimizing working capital requires a deep understanding of the nuances of the pay cycle across thousands of transactions and vendors.  At the core of our analytics is an attribute database that tracks thousands of insights about each supplier and provides the means to precisely model the likelihood of individual suppliers to extend terms and offer discounts.  This enables us to “micro-target” the best terms to offer each  individual supplier, eliminating guesswork and maximizing cash and savings.


Payment Term AnalyticsAdvantages of Micro-Targeting
  • Incorporates 1000’s of data points
  • Scores each supplier scientifically
  • Precisely measures DPO opportunity
  • Maximizes cash and savings

Scientific Methods Eliminate the Guesswork

Our expertise in payment term analytics employ a range of methods to yield insight on supply chain behavior and optimize working capital results.  We can help answer terms policy questions, perform “what if” analysis and forecast likely outcomes based on various targets for cash, DPO and income.

Bringing Insight to Key Questions
  • How much can DPO be improved?
  • Which suppliers are most likely to discount?
  • What term offers will yield the most savings?
  • How do cash and income trade-off?
  • Where should I use 3rd party cash?
Analytical Methods We Employ
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Multivariate regression
  • Historical back testing
  • Target profiling
  • Data borrowing