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Supply Chain Financing

Not all organizations have the cash to capture early payment discounts. Not all suppliers can live with extended payment terms.   In these circumstances, Bavelos has the experience in Supply Chain Financing to bring third party capital into the mix.  We can help forecast the benefits of various approaches, segment suppliers according to their needs and deploy outreach services to effectively implement the best strategy. What results is more cash on the balance sheet, a more efficient supply chain and optimal use of capital.

Wringing Out the Most Value

Supply Chain Financing is a balance of value for you, your suppliers and the providers of capital.  We can help you sort out the various options and precisely determine which ones to implement and which suppliers to target.

 Third Party Financing Options
  • Bank financing
  • Non-bank sources of capital
  • Buyer Initiated Payment (BIP) Purchase cards

Expertise to Put It all Together

Getting the optimum result can often require multiple approaches, implemented in accordance with individual supplier needs, spend levels and pay cycle characteristics. At Bavelos, we are experienced with each of the options and understand the benefits and trade-offs of each. And we can help sort out the important trade-offs between platform technology and available financing.

  • Strategy development
  • Supplier segmentation and targeting
  • Financing vendor selection
  • Technology implementation
  • On-going performance optimization